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Founded March 28, 2016.


Competent Heir University

( Competent Heir - Reference: 1925 Administration Of Estates Act )

Graduating/Certificate Can Take Only 

3 Letters & 50 Days! 

It Is Easy As Easy As 1,2,3,4.....

1) Enroll & Study From Home 

2) Download Our Templates In Course.

3) Fill In The Blanks To Our Templates & Watch Videos

4) Mail The Documents You Filled In.


We Educate All, In Natural Law Birth Rights

A University For All Ages & All Education Levels.

Start With Nothing - Retire 2-5 Years After Graduation.

Knowing Your Birth Rights Is Your Key To Success In Time, Love, Health & Wealth!

 Reality When You Graduate




CAMPUS TOUR was founded on the real results of a private society which produced perfect undefeated results and recognition for 7 years. We now teach you the people. This University is for everyone, no formal education required. If you can read, write and mail a letter, along with a willingness to learn, you have the basic skills you will need to participate. Once you graduate your earning power is unlimited!


For each student who attends makes you competent at your own freedom, where to access what parts within legality or how to access other kinds of law globally as it may suite you or your needs.   You just do each course, lessons & steps to have the most advantage you can have in life. As you do each step in reality, you graduate that course/lesson/step. When you have done all the courses, you get your Competent Heir Degree.


Please check the headings above for Competent Heir Course Outline to attend each course/lesson/step.

Enroll Now!

About: Competent Heir Degree Course

Referenced By: 1925 Administration of Estates Act

(Applies Globally As Natural Law In Foundation)

The Competent Heir Degree program makes any man or woman who graduates competent to run their own, family or community wealth, law, resources, community programs to help and protect all you love.

By the end of the second course, you have your society up, and it can make money.


You learn and use due process in reality in this course. You learn by actually doing each step, and when you complete each task in reality, you move onto the next step of the course. When you are done all steps and graduate, you will be competent to do the following. 


- You will now claim personal rights in law & legality so you can use both at once.

- You now get you or anyone, out of any legal debt you wish.

- You now use privacy so no strangers, including government, know what assets you have,   

  where you live, what you make. 

- You now earn a non-taxable living. No More Income Tax.

- You will now be able to charge people money who violate you.

- You know to lien property on those who owe you money.

- You know to reserve All Rights in contracts in or out of legal system.

- You know how money, law, rights & healthy community work.

- You know how to prove fraud or validity in any contract.

- You know how to use banking administrative process, to defuse all legal debt.

- You gain access to The Unincorporated Economy. Visit website link for full details.


Freedom, Rights, Money, Community & 

Unregistered Unincorporated Rights. How To Be Competent To Run All Areas Of Your Life, Community Or Any Project. Enjoy The Tune! Join Our Facebook Page, Invite Your Friends! Link at bottom of this page. Curriculum Designed By Over 400 Experts, Many With Masters Degrees.

Peace Maker Society Empire entrusted our University with their results. They had over 400 experts & masters Degrees help design the information you learn from us! Enjoy!

Knowledge Facts:

Advocate Graduate Saves Family From CFS.

One of our graduates, was able to help a man stand up to a C.F.S. worker, who was unlawfully trying to harass that man about his child, when he caused no harm. Know Your Rights! They are law.

Knowledge Facts

Our Graduates Make $10,000 Per Client!

Those who graduate with a Competent Heir Degree, you can easily bill $10,000 plus per client for helping people with the transfer legal assets into own tax free society process.

Graduates will be referred clients by Freedom Tune-Up Life, Time & Wealth Management Firm. For those who wish to, voluntary, great gift/pay schedules. 

Knowledge Facts:

"Your Freedom, Your Way"

How To Rights Package/

Books Emailed   To You When You Enroll. Free!

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