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Welcome To Your Competent Heir Degree Course.

You Are About To Learn Everything Needed To Competently Exercise Your Lawful Rights!
What Does No Harm Mean? What Is Being Competent At Law Mean?

What it means to not cause harm in law, is based on the following truths in law.

-Equals do not ask permission, they notice.

- An equal cannot order another equal to do anything. You must make offers & contract.

- To keep the peace, we must communicate via letters using due process & Proof of Mailing.

- It is that communication, if done correctly that allows you to cure rights in law, with notice to those affected, this is due process.

- Once rights cured in law that is the law.

Where Do My Rights Come From? Who Owns The Law?

There are many kinds of law. But there is one foundation to them all, Natural Law. It supersedes contract law, cannon law, act, statute, etc. All law is different but built on this foundation which is the foundation to all law.

In law, the universe and you, put your living soul, into your flesh and blood animal body. The universe left the earth in trust for you & us all. This is what makes you a sovereign man or woman. A flesh and blood man or woman with a living soul. As soon as you go corporate anything, id etc., you are a human, defined as a soulless beast, with no right in law.

What Is Due Process Between Equals?


If we as equals do not ask permission, how do we act how we wish, lawfully, without violating others? Simple. A 3 letter 50 day process known as due process. This process when it cures, is a judgement in law.


1) Letter 1 - Notice of Understanding & Intent.

Asking questions, to open discussion. (Must use proper language in letters regarding due process, law, and full liability with oath etc.

2) Letter 2 - Notice of Understanding & Intent.

Answering questions from letter 1. Providing there is no response. If serving any corporate agency, you generally won't hear back, as its limited liability, and cannot answer a fully liable response, or would risk personal assets to do so.

3) Letter 3 - Claim of Right.

Now you claim the right off of the understanding established in letters 1 & 2. The signature on the proof of mailing, acts as there signature to the contract. 


Letter 1 - Wait ten business days for response.

Letter 2 - Wait ten business days for response.

Letter 3 - Wait 30 business days for response.

When no response, it cures as your law, at this time. TO PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY FROM UNLAWFUL CORPORATION POSING AS GOVERNMENT AGENTS, YOU WILL NEED TO RENT A VIRTUAL OFFICE SPACE FOR YOUR RETURN ADDRESS. YOU RENT IT USING YOUR SOCIETY NAME. MUST BE A PHYSICAL ADDRESS, CAN NOT BE A P.O. BOX. Email us if you can't find one yourself, we will refer you no problem. Do a name search online, to ensure your society name is not used by others already?


A Message To New, Existing & Future Students of Competent Heir Degree course.


Do you understand what part of the website to go to first? You just go to

Then you go over to the Competent Heir Degree Course heading. Start in first heading, read it, study it until you understand it, then do course 1,  Once you have done that section of the course, email us the paperwork you sent as instructed to do on the website.


Then when you have done that step, we pass you, send you then you go onto the next course section. Let me know if that makes sense to you?



Riley of the family Middleton

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