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Independent Contractors/Staff 

Student Questions & Comments:

Student: Jen

I would like to tell you GREAT TIMING  and THANK YOU!!!  

I was wanting to know how to start a society and bank account. I actually own a home and Land out near riding mountain (-:  and I'd of course like to Be Free!  I feel pretty free out here. out of the city. in a beautiful scenic river valley with delicious well water to drink (:

I also love how you say, on your website, in all capital letters, "what most people talk about even awake ppl is worthless"  I agreed with that statement bro 👍

I appreciate this gift you've given the world 

May People Know The Truth and Become The Truth!


God Bless and Goddess Bliss to you Marcel

☆ Super Jenn Allstar ☆

Student: Chris
I know I need to start my own community with full creative control under a different name.


Let me know if what I see is at all possible. Because Im not even sure as I don't have near amount of experience as you. 

Basically a fast way track to get to where I should have been from birth haha.


Thanks for your time.

Student: Cynthia


I would like to know if your law firm could advise me on how to set up an unregistered unincorporated voluntary association for my work regarding Nature School.


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